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"Drunk In Love" OTR Tour Paris

I just want to take this time out to thank Beyoncé & JAY Z for the On The Run Tour! I remember when the tour was just a dream, we didn’t even think about it as we thought it was next to impossible but it happened, it really did. The tour kicked off June 25, 2014 and every single show, Bey x Jay gave their ALL. I followed every show closely enough to know this as a FACT. They shared their life with us. They shared their love with us. They shared their favorite tour with us. They put on such a great show, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to forget about this tour. Bey and Jay had to put up with SO much while they were on this tour. From the non-stop divorce rumors to the cheating rumors - to even the surrogacy rumors. Somehow, they managed to rise above it all, come on stage every night and be the best they could possibly be. Believe or not, there aren’t many people who can do that. It’s a Beyoncé & JAY Z thing. The outfits were AMAZING, the set was AMAZING and the interludes? OUT OF THIS WORLD. As if we hadn’t witnessed enough greatness, they decided to give us a TV special too? I mean, what did we do to deserve all of these good things? They are simply INCREDIBLE. I’ve been a fan of both of both of them for a while, Bey mostly but Jay as well. Every day, they still manage to amaze me. Every. SINGLE. day. This year has been an unforgettable one and the memories are countless. I couldn’t ask for better favorities. So thank you Beyoncé and JAY Z for every thing you have put up with to keep us entertained. Every thing you have ignored to make sure we were happy / catered for. It was an absolute honor learning to love like you do. As far as ***Flawless people come, YOU’RE IT. ALL OF IT. 


she said to give it up for her MAN, and then she said how much she loves him, and how honored she is to have been granted the chance of sharing the stage with him, and how she’s his biggest fan. And then he said how happy he is that he has her and how she truly is the greatest entertainer of our time, and how much he loves her, and something about being happy to spend his whole life with her!” 


Beyoncé gets emotional as she thanks her husband at the end of their On the Run tour.


Beyoncé, Jay Z & Blue in France. (9-9-14)

Beyoncé and Jay-Z in Portofino, Italy (Sept. 6TH)

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Black Excellence 

Beyoncé with Jay Z in Italy (September 6th, 2014)


Beyoncé and Jay Z in Portofino, Italy (Sept. 6TH)

Beach Is Better

Magna Carta Holy Grail


Happy B-day: