*Currently on a Hiatus*

Hey loves,

It's me, Yami. As you can tell my blog and I are currently on a hiatus.

I've been beyond busy with life, finishing up projects, hopefully revamping my blog, organizing a few things etc. Of course being that it's summer, I've only been home here and there. Which means not much time for me to be on the internet or even my laptop. I know it's not the best excuse, especially with "On The Run Tour" happening, I take 100% responsibility for not fully being here to bask in Beyoncé and Jay Z's endless slaying.

From what I've seen this tour is by far one of the most extraordinary tours yet. But if at any time you have any questions or want to drop in and say "hi" don't be afraid to leave a message in my ask box which is always open. I promise I don't bite and I'm in a 100% no judgement zone. I also promise to get back to any of your messages as soon as i can. Even if it involves me staying up later than usual or using my free time to drop in and reply. And to see how you guys are doing.

Now for what may be a pending question, my blog posts can still be viewed (yay!) all you have to do is click the "Archive" link above. Really knock yourself out... I don't mind, it can be our little secret! If the link isn't working just send me a message and I'll fix it right away.

So to sum this somewhat descriptive explanation for my hiatus up, I hope to officially be back full time on Tumblr around Mid-August or September or if I'm lucky much sooner than that sooner. Speaking truthfully only time will tell when I'll be back. I may even be back before you realize I was gone.

Anyways besides all that concerning me. You're all exceptionally beautiful people inside and out, and I'll miss you all while I'm gone. Most of all don't forget to #beygood and live life to the absolute fullest because after all life is short.

Love always, Yami