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It is time to bombard Bey with all the love that’s inside you. 

Tweet, Tumblr, Insta, or Vine with #VMAVanguard and share with us how Beyonce inspires you and why she deserves this year’s VMA Vanguard Award.

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On The Run Tour Rehearsals

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I don’t care if you on the run
Baby as long as I’m next to you…

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considering i just had a heart attack with the new hbo trailer, i doubt i’m gonna make it through september 20 without dying and then being resurrected by beyoncé and jay z on my television in hd




On The Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z - Trailer (HBO)

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On the run (July 27)

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"I want to thank God, I mean, a little bit for this award, but also all the universe for conspiring and for putting that beautiful light of a young lady in my life."

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Upgrade You

Beyonce Ft Jay Z